I absolutly love this game becuase of the story line. The beginning of the game your ship is blown up by an unidentified vessel, and you have to evacuate all the crew members. You don't make it, but all your crew members do, later a group called cerberus brings you back to life. when this happens you can shape your character however you want. After that you got to go around tracking an alien race called the collectors (the year is 2183) to find out that they are creating a human reaper (advanced machine vessels) but you are not alone you have 10 team members.

In the collector's base you have to choose which team member to do a part of the mission that only one member could do and if you choose the wrong one that member dies and have to go on to beat the game without them.

my favorite team members are Tali'Zorah vas Normandy4JWYLCASMV7QWCAG6HZRPCAFJCEAMCAUWD8NLCAXKKK34CAF2XH31CAJ7BHUCCA6YU7M1CAES51Y8CA1EDF3DCAF2IDFVCAO3SJ2ACA4A39L9CAHGSTP3CAB5VNW8CAUTMROYCALJ90EGCANLEM5JCAF5L38T.jpg Tali is a quarian, quarians have low nervous systems so they have to wear enviornmental suits. Tali is probably the most sympathatic member of the team but is great with shotguns and heavy pistols.

garrus vakarian EZR0ACA2FFB1HCAPEL6GTCAADVQZKCA50B11ZCAVPS5YOCAIQN58XCAV4GFQKCAXKVPVJCAPE2H5ACAKXME5ACA5RTPFNCAELJCCPCAG5J4M8CAQL95YNCAS78REWCA12CW4RCALRB6CXCAJNBJDJCAMD9SOP.jpg is a turian, he was called archangel for good deads to kill mercenary groups. He once had a team to deal with these groups, but one member betrays the whole team, you later kill him.

grunt2EKZCCAIBD3DKCAFJC5N0CA63I7QXCA1SUC75CARPP5BUCAF35BQGCA0Z8DZ7CAAQLTMMCATDN6U1CA93B2YHCAH2U7ZFCAW2HZVHCAMNTCHFCAPQPQO4CAO77I4ECA8A48JVCA0IB8A8CA75HOX6CARBFDNQ.jpg is a krogan, a heavy plated lizardman-like with little tails. krogans are really destructive, kinda like one of those men who are big bikers and love to get in bar fights.

last but not least Leigon H3ZBACA1MMDBPCAOK1KW6CAM3RR5ZCAM26CLKCAXMM594CAD0NH10CAEDEZ1WCA16PL58CAQM8SXVCATOURAGCANH04FRCAQG6594CAOF8PLUCAKINEVQCAITT2JPCAZFAOOWCA13NP5UCA1WJYVRCAZYQ95Z.jpg is a machine called geth that the quarians made for slavory (we all know what happens when people slave others they get tired of being slaves and revolt) they drove the quarians out of their homeworld and are independent. he carries around a big sniper rifle and has a rifle shot going through the left part of his body. He also has a peice of your own armor when he was looking for your dead corpse.
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I never played Mass Effect 2, but from the brief summarization I would play the game and recommend this game to other people. I also think(from the summarization) there are some related games: X-Men Origins Wolverine, Batman Arkham Asylum and Left for Dead 2.