• Hey there, you might know me or you don't. Well I was born on 10/27/1995 and my name is Brandon Girardi. I do davel in being a daredevil. Like, just last winter, I put snow up by my roof, then climbed up and said,"Git er done!!" before jumping off the roof and landing on my back. There is something that may seem wierd or just plain stupid, but i almost died a collection of 2 times and death hasn 't caught up to me just yet. Here are the ways that ultimately led to me almost dying.
  1. When I was about 4, maybe 5 years old, I loved bacon. That love led me to choking on a ball of bacon, which I do know sounds stupid, but lets get realistic here. Anyways, I was choking and in order to stay away from the casket was for me to take 2 fingers and put them in my throat and get the bacon out.
  2. When i was just 8 years old, my brother and I were playing basketball in a pool. My dad tells us not to go to the deep end because we didn't know exactly how to swim. my brother sent the ball into the deep end and is drowning. I'm also drowning when I get out and tell him to grab my hand and I sorta declared my self a hero.

O yeah, I forgot to mention that my family has some history behind it. You see, it was my Grand father's cousin that designed the Statue of Liberty on my dad's side of the family. To me, I think it is awesome that my family helped design that blasted thing. My mom has a little something something on her side to be proud of too. My grandmom has made a recipe for the best ham ever. It is a family secret, don't even think about asking me for the recipe for the ham, i'm not telling anyone. I'm not even telling my dog, Buddy.

Here are some of my favorite videogames I play:
Red Dead Redemption
Battlefield: Bad Company

The Sims 3
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Some people have different views about the government. I think that it is very bad. In fact, our national debt is sky rocketing. For pete's sake, it is already in the trillions of dollars. Why do people have to spend money like crazy people at a pie eating contest. I don't even have a clue why it is through the roof. Well, that was my wiki page. Thank you for reading it. Ok, I have a scavenger hunt you can do. It is about 10 questions and should be easy as pie. Let us get started.

My scavenger hunt is about the statue of liberty.
  1. fill in the blank. ---------- gave us the monument as a gift.
  2. Which first lady was in the statue's head?
  3. When was The Statue of Liberty built? Why?
  4. What is the date on the tablet that the statue is holding?
  5. How tall is the statue? What type of metal did they use to build it?
  6. What does the statue symbolise to you?
  7. True or false. the torch has been barred for safety concerns since 1916.
  8. Where and how many years was the statue of liberty's arm displayed?
  9. Who was the archetect?
  10. You might need to read through my wiki page for this one, whose family designed the statue of liberty?
  11. Thank you for participating in my scavenger hunt!!! I hope you liked it.
  12. Bonus!! How much is our national debt? Here are 3 more sites you can see:
  13. statueofliberty.org
  14. history.com
  15. manhattan.about.com You have 40 minutes to complete this. You've been warned!