My names Bartholomew (jk its Brett) and everyday after I go to the building they call "school". I go to my home and whip up a quick batch of biscuits. After I eat those DELICIOUS biscuits usually my BEAutiful girlfriend comes over my house and ................ usually plays some PS3 together. Then we sometimes have a tea party with my sister and her stuffed animals(minus my sister)(she always ruins the fun for us!)(and shes weird.)(and immature...).

Music: Rap
Song: Racks (Young Chris ft. Future)
Artist: Mac Millllllllller
Food: Pizza Hut Bread Sticks and Biscuits.!
Movie: 8 Mile
Video Game System: PS3
Video Game: CoD 4
Gender: Girls
Likes: Dislikes:<- ->Justin Bieber external image justin-bieber-gi-white-house-large.jpgCowboysexternal image dallas-cowboys-logo.jpgexternal image 420x316-alg_rebecca_black.jpgRebecca BlackMazda RX-7 <3external image mazda_rx7_1994-310.jpgScavenger hunt on Movies
  1. What movie did vin diesel star in on June 22, 2001?
  2. True or False: Rob Schneider played as a teenage girl trapped in a 30 year old guys body in the Hot Chick.
  3. True or False: In Toy Story 3, the strawberry smelling bear's name was Graig.
  4. Who wrote, produced, and starred in Superbad?(theres only one person who did all three)
  5. Who directed The Hangover?
  6. Who played Tallahassee in Zombieland?
  7. True or False: Emma stone played Little Rock in Zombieland.
  8. True or False: Jack Black was Zed and Michael Cera was Oh in Year One.
  9. Who are the two people who edited Year one?
  10. What was the name on the car Paul Walker used in The Fast and The Furious?