Heeeyy!!! My name is Nele N.R. Vandeginste. I'm 15 years old and I made the world a better place on the 4th of January, 1996. I'm a very expressive individual. I like many things that are complete opposites of eachother, like Debate and Track. I also like:
  • singing
  • baking cakes(the instant ones)
  • teasing my siblings
  • and acting crazy (the creepy kind :P).
I STRONGLY dislike
  • aspargus
  • mushrooms
  • bugs
  • being bored
  • people with annoying personalities
  • long planerides
  • no variations in anything
  • and people who feel sorry for themselves.
I'm very smart, on the verge of being an undiscovered genius :D. I speak three languages,have straight A's, do one of the hardest events in debate, and still have free time :) And my favorite band is the Gorillaz.
I'll be just straight up with all of you right now. I always give everyone I meet a fair chance. I don't care what the whole world says about you, if you can come to me and prove that you are different, then ofcourse we can be friends. I also don't care what you look like. As long as you take care of yourself ( good hygiene and stuff) then it doesn't matter to me if you have a few extra pounds or a crooked nose.
But If you are a pain, then i will tell you gently first, ignore you second, and yell third. Simple as that.
My favorite color is green. Green reminds me of fresh grass and nature and the summer. It also makes me think about money, about how hard I'll work every day to accomplish all my costly goals.
I may seem like a very open person to you right now, but these are the things that I'm comfortable talking about. Life hasn't been easy, and sometimes it was a close call. I don't like talking about things that make me sad. That's why I really don't talk or think about them much. But as we all learn at one point, Life isn't fair, so just deal with it :P

this is it

ps: i may seem conceited to you, but who would i be if weren't proud to be me? lol

Usain Bolt Scavenger hunt 

When was Usain Bolt born?

Where was Usain Bolt born?Jamaica_flag.gif( what flag is this?)

What is Usain Bolt's history?

In what events is Usain Bolt the fastest?

True or False? Did Usain Bolt ever compete in the Olympics?

What is Usain Bolt's nickname?LightningBoltTatoo_400x400.png

What is the name of Usain Bolt's book?

Is Usain Bolt really the fastest human on Earth?
Who's record did Usain Boltat the 2009 World Championships in Berlin?usain.jpg

What is Usain Bolt's middle name?

It should take about 10-15 minutes to complete this task.[[rss url="http://jamaicaviews.com/feed/" link="true" description="true" number="5" date="true" author="true" enclosure="true"]]