I'm doing a review for the game Ninja gaiden II. It's about a ninja (Ryu) who is heading to his home when he see's it being attacked by ninjas who are part of the Black Ninja Clan. You see a girl (CIA agent named Sonia) fly out the window and the ninjas jump out and grab her and run. You fight them and try to save her but you fail. You save the girl and she tells you the Black Ninja Clan is trying to steal the Demon Statue. You return home and find your father fighting the leader of the Black Ninja Clan Genshin. The statue is already stolen and you have to find it. Basically the rest of the game is about you searching for Elizebet the one who stole the statue, she wants to use it to resurrect the archfiend Vazdah. You find and kill Elizebet but Vazdah gets resurrected and you have to fight him twice then you beat the game.
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