Hello there, you know me and I know you!! I was born on 9/11/95 (15) down below I have a list of favorites, take a look

My favorites
Food: Tacos
Hobby: Playing video games and listening to music
Game: Super Mario Games
Actor: Will Smith
Singer: Jay-Z and Beyonce
Color: Yellow
Sports: Soccer
Movies: Scary movie

I also like the Phillies, Flyers, 76ers, Heat, Eagles (for now) and Steelers. Now if you want to now more about these sports stars click on the links
Phillies Flyers 76ers and Heat Super Bowl winners

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Scavenger Hunt on Music

1.What year was Snoop Dogg born? a.2000 b.1979 c.1971 d.1915 Answer here

2.Which music artist kissed Britney Spears on stage in 2003? a. Lady gaga b. Will Smith c. Micheal Jackson d.Madonna Answer

3.What year did Michael Jackson died? 2010 2009 2000 2007 Answer (if you need it)

4.Which one of these music stars are the oldest? a.Eminem b.Dr.Dre c.Chris Brown d.Mr Smith Answer

5.Who is blind? a. Stevie Wonder b. a rat c. Cee lo Green d. Janet Jackson you should know

6.Which music artist sings the song "Cry me a river"? a.Justin Bieber b.Justin Timberlake c.Ke$ha d.Nelly Quit?

7.Will i am is part of which music group? a. ACDC b.Back street boys c.Bestie Boys d.Black Eyed peas answer
8. Which music artist used to be part of a group? a. Nickle back b. Beyonce c. John Rich d. lil wayne right here
9. Which music star went to jail in 2008? a. T.i b. john heckes c. trey songz d. lil jon !rewsna

10. which song is not one of Usher's songs? a. OMG b. My boo c. My love d. you don't have to call final answer
external image image.php?id=51JqrXPvCFL.jpg
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSAe5GmVqwWVEo2y8OxUs4hYRub6cYoplqYAME17keNMPsr4xZo&t=1
external image usher.jpg

 Wiki project


Xbox 84,939 sold Playstation 3 61,221 sold

Price 299.00$ Price 299.99$

Controllers do viberate Have controllers that don't viberate

Has a failuer rate of 23.7% Has a failure rate of 10%

To get the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe for Playstation 3 it cost 78.90$ FOR Xbox it will cost 66.90$

Xbox graphics are more darker than Playstation 3 graphics

external image ps3-v-xbox-360.jpg external image ps360-controllers.jpg
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